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Willing to do whatever it takes?

I was watching an episode of Dr. Phil the other day, and is often the case, the show was about an out of control teen and the resulting chaos within the family. I have to be honest, I am sucked in to these particular stories, because of my own experience with an out of control teen. I have such empathy for the families and the teens. I must admit, I have a tendency to compare the situation I was in, with the stories I am watching.

Benefits of a Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic boarding schools are residential facilities designed to house struggling teens or adolescents while they get intensive, ongoing help with a range of issues. The benefits of a therapeutic school are many, because the facilities provide everything a teen, and their family, need to support recovery. It may seem drastic for parents to place their child in a boarding school, but often it is the best solution for the family. It is important for a family to compare therapeutic boarding school programs, because they offer different programs for therapy, academics, and family involvement.