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How can Journey Toward Peace help?

If you are a parent considering a therapeutic program for your child, it can be overwhelming! There are so many programs available. It is difficult to get much information from a school’s website, because often programs have similar information posted. However, each program has its own personality and speciality, just as each child has a unique personality and talents.

Journey Toward Peace helps parents of struggling adolescents/teens find a program that is best for their specific needs and individual situations. Because we are not affiliated with any school(s), we give our unbiased recommendations to each family in order to find the best help for their student.

Therapeutic boarding schools combine individualized therapy, group therapy, academics, sports, and social activities so that students are able to experience structure, and be removed from their current negative behaviors, friends, and influences. Students receive professional help, from licensed therapists and teachers, to heal from trauma, learn to cope with and overcome challenges, and establish healthy habits.

Students typically live in dorm like residences and are expected to contribute with daily chores and responsibilities. Academic and therapeutic activities make up the majority of the day, but sports, arts, and other extracurricular activities are also emphasized.

The combination of being removed from their negative environment, individual and group therapy, structured activities and increased academic support, allow students to focus on their individual issues and start to heal.

There are wonderful programs around the country that offer unique therapeutic options and experiences. Journey Toward Peace helps match individual student needs with schools that are able to provide the best treatment necessary for achieving growth and a bright future.